A concise pitch that doubles your sales.

I work with B2B service businesses to create a crystal clear pitch that will double your sales conversion rate, guaranteed.

After working with Motivado, you will:

One simple change will unlock your sales potential

You know your market. You solve a problem, and your solution works.So, why aren’t you getting as many enquiries as you think you should? Why does the sales process feel so much like hard work?

Your message is out

They don’t know what you know. You know their problems, and you know your solution works, but they don’t see the world the way you do. You know what they need, but you’re not communicating in their language.Your head is a well of expert knowledge. From that position, it’s impossible to determine what a non-expert needs to hear in order to quickly resonate with the problem and recognise you as the solution.

They’ll want to buy as much as you want to sell

A concise message gives your product the opportunity to speak for itself.I’ll take your vast expertise and value, then convert it into a crystal clear offer.

I will double your sales conversion rate, guaranteed.
If you’re unhappy with the results, you get your money back.

The Deliverable

I’ll build visual assets, individual decks, designed for each stage and objective.
A template that every single member of your sales and marketing teams can use.

Landing Page

To get the visitor to make an enquiry.

Discovery Call

To get the visitor to make an enquiry.

The Pitch

To convert the prospect into a client.


I offer three different packages, although there is flexibility around deliverables:

1) Flagship
2) Pitch
3) Customer Research


Overall duration - 15 to 17 weeksThis is the comprehensive package:

Discovery - Phase 1

You'll send me the contact details for 6 to 12 customers to included in the discovery phase. I'll organise and conduct qualitative interviews, via zoom, with these customers.These interviews generally run for 45 minutes. This will take four to six weeks.I record and transcribe each interview. You'll receive a breakdown from each, as well as an overall summary, on:

  • Customer problems identified, relative to your product.

  • Their description of the problem.

  • Their description of the solution.

This discovery phase reveals what your customer truly values, their words to describe pain points and their description of your service. From this, we understand the areas of your business that matter and the language we should use to describe them.

Discovery - Phase 2

Through discovery, we'll identify three to five different types of customers. I'll build fictional personas based on the findings.You'll receive a digital document for each, which you can use when planning future product updates and marketing communications. Particularly useful when you create different use cases in your marketing.This phase generally takes two weeks. We proceed once you've approved the persona documents.


Now we create the structure of your story, connecting your customer's needs with your solution. This will be in a storyboard format, and I'll hold zoom calls with you along the way to ensure you're happy with the narrative before creating the pitch itself.This will take two weeks. We proceed to the next phase when you have approved the storyboard.


At the end of this phase, you'll receive a pitch document (PDF) consisting of between 20-25 slides. This will blend copy with visuals to deliver your message quickly and concisely.Each visual asset is a separate file for you to use in future marketing communications.This pitch will serve as a prop for your sales and marketing teams, as well as any potential investors. It will lay out your customer's problems and how your product provides the solution.This typically takes three weeks.

Landing Page

The landing page to earn enquiries from your digital audience. We'll take the existing pitch structure and reconfigure it to fit within a one page, responsive landing page format. You'll receive a designed and coded page, ready to integrate on your website. The deliverable will be provided to your dev team to set up on your domain.Design is approved by your team before we proceed to build.This typically takes four weeks.


Overall duration - 11 to 13 weeksIncludes all work provided in the Flagship package phases one to three.Excludes phase four - landing page.

Customer Research

Overall duration - 6 to 8 weeksIncludes all work provided in the Flagship package phases one to three.Includes phases one and two in the Flagship package. Discovery and customer personas.

The Result

Their Problem

Your prospect recognises, in an instant, the problem you address.

Your Solution

They then listen to a concise story detailing what they require to understand your solution, plus the emotional triggers that facilitate trust and urgency to buy.

In Action

Next steps

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- If it seems like a fit, we'll have a second call in greater depth about how I can help you.
- If we're not a fit, we part ways at the end of the first call.